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SPQR - grammar

This is GREAT practice. I use it for my middle school Latin students - they actually WILL use this app to practice recognizing tenses. I think it’s fun in idle moments, but it does get them to use what they know to make a reasonable stab at what they don’t. I am Mac all the way - but my students - and my school are Windows. That’s the one thing I’d want - a Windows version, since in spite of my best efforts, I have not converted the school, let alone the world.


I am a Classics major, and I use this app all of the time. The “parser” is extremly helpful. This app has cut down my homework time significantly.

Excellent Resource

I was quite thrilled to see SPQR made available for the Mac. I have it on my iPhone & iPad. I do quite a bit of Latin, both translating from and into. SPQR on my Mac allows me to work there now too.

Love it

I love this app. Use it all of the time. The only improvement for me would be to make the LS searchable (i.e. the ability to search for terms within long definitions in the LS).

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